Provincetown Beaches

Herring Cove (Cape Cod National Seashore) (Walking distance from Sunset Point)
Miles of beaches along the Massachusetts Bay side of Provincetown.

Race Point Beach (Cape Cod National Seashore)
Located on the Atlantic Ocean side of Provincetown. Race Point beach is great for viewing the sunrise. Also, the National Park Service museum and tours of an historic lifesaving station is within walking distance.

Breakwater (Provincetown Harbor)
Located at the beginning of Provincetown’s West End. The breakwater provides hiking access to the very tip of Cape Cod at Long Point Light House. Great swimming location and area for gathering shellfish.

Town Beaches (Provincetown Harbor)
Town Beaches are along the full length of the village. Areas such as the West End Beach are more popular for swimming. Visitor can also rent sailboats to enjoy Provincetown Harbor.

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